Congratulations, Giant!

Image used in "Congratulations, Giant!", Copyright 2013 The Vivere Design Team

We’ve been working with a wonderful agency in San Francisco for a few years, programming highly interactive websites for a few of their pharmaceutical clients. It makes us so happy that they’ve received the Agency of the Year at the Med Ad News 24th annual Manny Awards. One would be hard-pressed to find an agency more deserving for their hard work and dedication to their clients. 

De-sign of things to come.

Image used in "De-sign of things to come.", Copyright 2013 The Vivere Design Team

We have just completed an infographic outlining the upcoming job opportunities for medical billing and coding professionals. While we loved creating the work and working with our client, it is clear that the message is: More skills and training will be required for healthcare professionals to manage the additional 100,000 new billing codes added to the 13,600 in existence. Fasten your seat belts: We’re in for a bumpy ride.

The Vivere Design Team Website Now Runs on Drupal

We have recently re-produced The Vivere Design Team web site using the Drupal Content Management System (CMS). Before that, our website was produced using the Joomla CMS. Before that, it was produced using simple PHP/MySQL, and before that, it was an "old-fashioned" static site. The impetus has been to continuously expand our expertise of the available web technologies (including development for each platform) so as to offer our clients the best options for their needs.