Drums Along the Rockies 2013

Image used in "Drums Along the Rockies 2013", Copyright 2013 The Vivere Design Team

We recently attended another Drums Along the Rockies competition/performance. It is one of the most dynamic musically performed and choreographed events that one can see, and being held in the Mile High Stadium, there’s plenty of room for more people to come and attend this energy-rich and inspiring event. Each year around 6 marching bands from across the country create and present unique corps-style programs filled with elaborate costumes, rich thunderous brass, complex and syncopated drum corps, and flowing color-guard performers—all the while painting ornate figures and patterns on the field. With hundreds of performers on the field, it’s impossible to see and hear everything in one viewing. No insult to high-school marching bands, but these are far more advanced than the high-school marching bands you remember.

I photographed some of the competition from our seats and thought they may be valuable to some of the performers and/or their families (see gallery here). They’re posted as low-resolution and unprocessed (raw) images. If you would like some images for personal use, feel free to email us with the image numbers, and we’ll email you a processed 18MP image. The first page of images is mainly pre-show exhibitions: high-school drum corps competition, and the local Denver marching band.