Pygmy Nuthatch at Birdbath

Image used in "Pygmy Nuthatch at Birdbath", Copyright 2013 The Vivere Design Team

I was trying to photograph a Pygmy Nuthatch in mid-sip, but my finger was a tad slow.

Rufous Hummingbird

Image used in "Rufous Hummingbird", Copyright 2013 The Vivere Design Team

The Rufous Hummingbirds often attack the Broad-tailed Hummingbirds around The Vivere Design Team Studios in the summertime. They're very territorial and will camp-out near the feeder waiting to chase-away any other humminbirds that wander by. Pictured is a female Rufous Hummingbird.

Cheetah at the Denver Zoo

Image used in "Cheetah at the Denver Zoo", Copyright 2013 The Vivere Design Team

The Denver Zoo is a great place to walk around and see a wide range of exotic mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, insects, etc., and there are endless photo opportunities. This cheetah is either enjoying a stroll through the snow or looking for its next meal.


Image used in "Ants", Copyright 2013 The Vivere Design Team

Macro lenses open a new world of discovery. Although this image was shot with a macro lens, many standard lenses do a good job of enlarging the microscopic world.

This image of a couple of ants deciding what to do with a bread-crumb was taken at Golden Canyon State Park near Golden, CO.

Lightning From VDT Studios

Image used in "Lightning From VDT Studios", Copyright 2013 The Vivere Design Team

Spring and summer storms often bring lightning and thunder past The Vivere Design Team studios.

Steller's Jay Hoarding Peanuts

Image used in "Steller's Jay Hoarding Peanuts", Copyright 2013 The Vivere Design Team

The Steller's Jays at The Vivere Design Team studios prefer peanuts over millet. When we put out a few peanuts, they'll swoop in every minute and they seem to move them to a temporary hiding spot so as to collect as much as possible before they're all consumed by the other jays. 

This Steller's Jay was captured when setting up a small outside studio containing several strobes. Although it's not technically the best capture, it shows that this Jay was keen on storing its loot in his mouth while collecting more food.

Mountain Chickadee In Full Light

Image used in "Mountain Chickadee In Full Light", Copyright 2013 The Vivere Design Team

On a pleasant summer day at The Vivere Design Team studios, we can experiment with different lighting schemes when photographing birds. The intent of this shot was to flood this Mountain Chickadee with a lot of light. Above the chickadee is a scrim to diffuse the direct sunlight (the "key" light source) and a standard silver reflector to the left to fill in the shadows with reflected sunlight. The result is a "studio" look, and the exposure time results in a nice pale blue hue in the mid-day sunny background.

Broad-tailed Hummingbird

Image used in "Broad-tailed Hummingbird", Copyright 2013 The Vivere Design Team

Hummingbirds migrate north to the US and Canada in the summer. At the Vivere Design Team studios, we often see Broad-tailed hummingbirds and, less-often, Rufous Hummingbirds. Pictured is a Broad-tailed male hummingbird.

Steller's Jay

Image used in "Steller's Jay", Copyright 2013 The Vivere Design Team

Another common visitor to the Vivere Design Team studios are Steller's Jays. Those in the Southern Rockies (pictured) have stark white facial markings instead of lighter blue.

The Vivere Design Team Website Now Runs on Drupal

We have recently re-produced The Vivere Design Team web site using the Drupal Content Management System (CMS). Before that, our website was produced using the Joomla CMS. Before that, it was produced using simple PHP/MySQL, and before that, it was an "old-fashioned" static site. The impetus has been to continuously expand our expertise of the available web technologies (including development for each platform) so as to offer our clients the best options for their needs.