Jon Paul Vivere,
Technical Engineer & Programmer

Jon Paul Vivere of The Vivere Design Team

Jon Paul is a partner and technology expert for The Vivere Design Team. He uses his engineering savvy and fine-tuned aesthetic eye on interactive web development, application development, photo manipulation and 3D rendering.

Previous to joining The Vivere Design team, Jon Paul used his scientific mind developing products and programs for Lockheed Martin, ESS Technology and Micron Technology, most recently engineering digital cameras. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Physics from California Polytechnic in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Clients and The Vivere Design Team cherish Jon Paul’s calming manner and ability to explain technical issues in plain English.

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Jon Paul has also started a blog about topics mostly unrelated to graphic design. The blog focuses on topics and tips of useful, labor-saving or productive tools that he has experienced. Check it out here at JP's Corner.