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Allegro Development Website and Brochure

Allegro Development Website and Brochure

Project: Brochure and Response Card

Brief: Create a self-mailing informational and response brochure aimed at gathering public opinion on a mixed-use development. Architectural plans exist and the project is seeking city council approval.

Solution: Consensus is a marketing and public relations firm that works to engage communities in their client’s projects. This mixed use building development project in Portland, Oregon was in need of local feedback and support in order to move the project forward. The designed brochure was a first in a series of pieces sent to members of the community to inform and gather feedback. The brochure highlighted the beautiful architecture, luxury living, and retail advantages that the building would bring to the community. We included a perforated self-mailing card for the community to return with their feedback. 

In conjunction with the brochure, we designed and produced a website that kept the community informed of the latest happenings with the development.