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The APO E Gene Online Program

The APO E Gene Online Program

Project: Website

Brief: Create a web site for an online diet and exercise program featuring a personalized program for every subscriber. The web site will walk subscribers through the program week by week, encourage and educate.

Solution: Penscott Management created The APO E Gene Program, a customized diet and exercise program based on an individual’s particular gene type. The site was divided into an “education” section and a “subscription” section. The education area is available to anyone and identifies health concerns and ways that the APO E Gene Program could help. Included in the education section is a store for purchase of seminars and recommended products.

The subscription section includes a customized 16-week program. Once subscribers enter their DNA information, the site reflects this and customizes the program for the user. Included in the site are customized diet and exercise plans, customized steps to take, case studies and downloadable documents such as recipes, shopping lists, exercise and diet log worksheets and other reference materials.  

The CMS site is developed with Drupal and is HIPAA compliant.