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Astellas Interactive iPad Salesforce Sales Aid

Astellas Interactive iPad Salesforce Sales Aid

Project: Salesforce and iRep iPad sales aid

Brief: Develop and produce code to create an interactive sales aid to integrate with using the iRep framework running on iPad devices.

Solution: Astellas wanted an interactive presentation to inform medical professionals about their prostate cancer treatment Xtandi. They contacted Giant Creative Strategy to design a professional and effective presentation using the iRep framework, automatically integrating into Salesforce.

The Vivere Design Team (VDT) created HTML/CSS/JavaScript code, and processed the necessary graphics to bring the Giant designs to life with animations, interactive sliders, buttons, touch gestures, etc.

The code was written to be efficient and re-usable, lowering the production costs for future revisions. VDT worked with Giant throughout the production phase to explain functionality and implement changes as needed.

The production was a success, and the client was very pleased with the result. Xtandi continues to be an effective treatment for specific types of advanced prostate cancer.