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Giant Creative Strategy Live Display Panels

Giant Creative Strategy Live Display Panels

Project: Live Information Display Panel and Blog

Brief: Develop a WordPress site to display live information on a website and on TV display panels

Solution: Giant Creative Strategy installed flat panel displays in their office to show live and up-to-date information to both employees and visitors. The displays were intended to show upcoming calendar events as well as Giant’s recent accomplishments and marketing insight. The same live information also needed to be available from a standard web page.

Giant hired The Vivere Design Team to produce a WordPress content management system site that would display their content using the layout they created. 

VDT produced a WordPress site with separate layouts for TV panels and web visitors. The back-end was customized for easy content updates by the client, and the TV panels automatically refreshed with the updated content. The panels were also animated with a ticker through the middle, and the articles periodically slid through with fresh content.

Giant was very pleased with the resulting displays and website, and featured the TV flat panels in their offices for many years.